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Company Profile


Company Profile

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  Ningbo Chuangshi Axle Industry Co., Ltd. has more than 420 employees, and more than 50 professional and technical personnel.

  There is advanced shaft processing equipment and testing instruments at home and abroad, with fixed assets of more than 110 million yuan.

  Customers are mainly located in the east and south coasts, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Spain, India and other regions and countries.

  The company has passed ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification,

  IATF16949: 2016 Quality Management System,

  GB/T28001:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System,

  GB/T29490: 2013 intellectual property management system.

  The company has won honors in the past three years: Ningbo “high-tech enterprise”, Ningbo “credit management demonstration enterprise”, Zhenhai District “three-level safety production standardization” enterprise, science and technology innovation award, industrial enterprise top ten, comprehensive contribution award, three Lead (leading) companies and so on.

  The company actively responds to the “smart manufacturing” strategy of the urban area, and through the “zero land” technological transformation plan, the money and energy are used in research and development capabilities, the introduction of advanced intelligent equipment, and the improvement of manufacturing level, and the overall improvement of technological innovation and industrial upgrading of enterprises. In order to reverse the current situation that the plant area is not enough and the pace of development is not big.

  Through the transformation of automation technology, it is more competitive in terms of equipment, one step ahead in technology, and one step faster in manufacturing efficiency. In 2017, the manufacturing cost dropped by more than 2 million yuan.

  According to the company's 2017 five-year plan, by 2020, the machine substitution and intelligent manufacturing will be fully realized;

  The market share of high-end automotive motor shafts has reached more than 40%; the annual output value is more than 400 million yuan.

  To the development of energy conservation and environmental protection; actively strive to apply for other provincial and municipal projects, improve after-sales service, and have applied for at least 10 invention patents.

  They Introduce more than 10 full-time R&D personnel of college students, including 3 professionals with intermediate titles or above, and at least 1 professional R&D personnel with senior professional titles to ensure that engineers and technicians with bachelor degree or above or intermediate titles are no less than the total number of R&D institutions. 50%.


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